Letter from CEO

Can Do Community Members,

LisaThank you for your continued support of people with MS and our work. The commitment of our board, expert program consultants, donors and staff fuels our mission delivery. Can Do MS transforms lives by delivering in-depth programs on exercise, nutrition, symptom management and motivation across the country each year.

Our impact is tremendous and growing. Last year, 14,949 people with MS and their families participated in more than 20 in-person and online programs. In just two short years, the organization doubled its program impact, with $1.7 million in revenue representing a 10% increase over 2014. The newest members of the can do family are thriving…

“I was nervous and scared to exercise due to balance and coordination issues with MS. After my Can Do MS program, I have confidence to do more. I have overcome embarrassment, I now ride a tricycle on family bike outings 2-3 times per week, and  I feel normal.”  – Arwen, 2015 Program Alumna

Arwen’s story and the compelling stories of all our program participants are the voices and living legacy of our founder, Olympian Jimmie Heuga. His vision of personal strength through exercise and medical treatment for people with MS continues to inspire our entire community. Jimmie blazed the trail, showing us all that exercise and a strong, positive attitude can change the way we live and how we contribute to the greater good.

The bright light of our future lies in strategic partnerships, working collaboratively with MS centers, hospitals, and other national nonprofit advocacy organizations to deliver more programs to more people with MS who want life-changing experiences that dramatically improve personal health.

2016 is already proving to be a pivotal year for growth of the organization. Strategic partnerships with the National MS Society and MS centers across the country have allowed us to reach more people with MS through the Webinar and Telelearning Series as well as the new Young Professionals JUMPSTART® Program.

You have our thanks for your leadership and dedication to our community. Together, we can enable every person with MS to grow stronger and healthier.


Lisa Mattis


Robin and Richard Kelly
Co-Chairs, Board of Directors

Board of Directors