With an interdisciplinary team of MS experts, our lifestyle empowerment programs teach participants how to take control of as many aspects of their lives and their health as possible by focusing on what they can do. Through a unique combination of personalized, engaging, and experiential learning and realistic goal-setting activities, participants gain the knowledge, skills, tools, and confidence to live their best life with MS. To learn specific information about each program, click here.

CAN DO® Program – Learn More
The four-day CAN DO Program goes well beyond traditional health and wellness programs by using a comprehensive spectrum of assessments, active-learning formats, and goal-setting to actively empower people with MS and their support partners.

June 10-13 — Denver, CO

TAKE CHARGE® Programs Learn More
The two-day TAKE CHARGE Program incorporates MS education, experiential activities, interaction with our medical staff of MS experts and with participants and their support partners in a small group setting throughout a weekend.

August 14-16 — Dublin, OH
September 25-27 — Seattle, WA

JUMPSTART® Programs – Learn More
The one-day JUMPSTART Program is an educational and interactive program in which people living with MS and their support partners will learn the knowledge, skills, and tools to adopt healthy lifestyle behaviors and actively co-manage their MS.

February 7 — Phoenix, AZ
April 11 — Chicago, IL
May 9 — Spokane, WA
November 7 — San Antonio, TX
November 14 — Asheville, NC

Adaptive Experiences
In conjunction with our Vertical Express events, we provided the opportunity for 24 people with MS and their support partners to participate in adaptive ski experiences at Vail and Squaw Valley resorts. Our adaptive experiences are designed to help participants build self-esteem and confidence, learn new tools, improve their fitness levels, make new friends, and enjoy a day in the outdoors with their loved ones.

Webinar Series – Learn More
Can Do MS’s webinar series is an informative and accessible program for people with MS and their support
partners to see beyond their MS by gaining the knowledge and tools to adopt healthy
lifestyle behaviors,
actively co-manage their MS, and live their best life.

January 13, 2015 — Get Motivated to Get Organized
February 10, 2015 — Flying Solo with MS
March 10, 2015 — Reduce Risks for Falls
April 15, 2015 — Progressive MS
May 12, 2015 — Language and Cognitive Challenges
June 9, 2015 — Fitness and Adaptive Sports
July 14, 2015 — Anger and Relationships
August 11, 2015 — MS Transitions
September 8, 2015 — Taking Charge of Depression
October 13, 2015 — Tired of Being Tired?
November 10, 2015 — Getting Creative in the Kitchen
December 8, 2015 — Invisible Symptoms: Pain Management

Click here to view our webinar archive.

Ask the Can Do Team – Online Q & A – Learn More
Ask the Can Do Team is an online Q & A for people living with multiple sclerosis and their support partners to connect with our interdisciplinary team of MS experts and gain additional knowledge and skills to actively co-manage their MS.

In 2015, 3,390 people used this Q&A format to submit questions and/or read answers from our Programs Consultants.

Book Sales for The Can Do Multiple Sclerosis Guide to Lifestyle Empowerment - Learn More
138 books sold throughout the world in 2015, for a combined total of 1,973 copies sold since being published.