Jimmie’s Philosophy

People with MS still need to maintain the quality of their lives.” – Jimmie Heuga (1943-2010)

At Can Do MS, we transform lives. With our core values rooted in our founder Jimmie Heuga’s belief that everyone living with MS has the power to live full lives, Can Do MS is the start of a whole new way of thinking about living with MS.

Jimmie’s Diagnosis and the Can Do Spirit

Since 1984, Can Do MS, formerly The Jimmie Heuga Center, has been at the forefront of promoting the culture and belief that everyone living with MS has the power to live full lives. Our organization honors the legacy and beliefs of founder, Olympic ski medalist Jimmie Heuga, a pioneer in the MS care management field.  At the time of his diagnosis, and in line with conventional medical wisdom of the time, Jimmie was advised to avoid physical activity to manage his condition and preserve his health.  Being a high-caliber athlete and rebelling against his prescribed sedentary lifestyle, Jimmie began developing his own program of exercise, nutrition, and mental motivation to improve his physical condition and outlook on life with MS. Jimmie spent years sharing and teaching the principles that transformed his life from one of uncertainty, to one of an active pursuit of personal health and wellness.

Today, the whole person philosophy and approach that Jimmie pioneered in 1984 is acknowledged within the MS community as a standard of MS care.