Can Do MS transforms lives. We deliver health and wellness education programs on exercise, nutrition, and symptom management that motivate change and help families with MS thrive.

What we offer: Can Do MS offers a range of individualized, experiential program formats that equip individuals with the expanded knowledge, skills, awareness, and confidence to become active co-managers of their health. We focus on exercise, diet, cognitive health, work, home, relationships, symptom management, emotional well-being, and the spiritual aspects of living with MS. Spouses, family members or friends are strongly encouraged to attend our programs with a person with MS. Special attention is devoted to this group of support partners, addressing their needs, goals, concerns, and challenges.

Program delivery: Can Do MS has a network of more than 90 world-class healthcare professionals from around the U.S. and Canada, including exercise physiologists, nutritionists, neurologists, physical and occupational therapists, physicians, psychologists, speech/language pathologists, registered nurses, and other health care specialists. Our team of MS experts are dedicated to teaching people with MS and their support partners how to take control of their lives and health by focusing on what they can do to live their best lives.

Partnerships: Demand for Can Do MS in-person programs is increasing. Partnerships provide the mechanism to bring our programs to scale nationally and meet the need. We collaborate with world-class MS centers, hospitals, and non-profit organizations to cost-effectively deliver regional and national programs.

History: Can Do MS honors the legacy and beliefs of the organization’s founder, Olympic medalist Jimmie Heuga, and pioneer in the MS care management field. We continue to embrace his positive can do philosophy and perspective, which complements the traditional medical model and standard of care. Since 1984, we’ve been at the forefront of promoting the culture and belief that everyone living with MS has the power to live full lives.