CAN DO® Program
The flagship CAN DO Program is a four-day intensive educational program that teaches people with MS and their support partners how to take control of their lives. The program goes beyond traditional health and wellness programs by using a comprehensive spectrum of assessments, active-learning formats, and goal setting to actively empower people with MS and their support partners to live their best lives.

August 10-13 — Denver, CO

TAKE CHARGE® Programs 
The TAKE CHARGE Program is a two-day wellness weekend that provides an interactive and multi-disciplinary approach to MS care management.

April 8-10 — Loveland, CO
September 30-October 2 — Norfolk, VA

JUMPSTART® Programs 
The JUMPSTART Program is an educational and interactive one-day program in which people with MS and their support partner gain the knowledge, skills, and tools to adopt healthy lifestyle behaviors and actively co-manage their MS. Each JUMPSTART Program is customized to local MS community needs and can cover topics ranging from how to deal with cognitive and fatigue issues to goal-setting, nutrition, exercise, and maintaining emotional well-being. Support partner sessions are included specifically to address their unique needs.

April 30 — Danvers, MA
May 21 — Glendale, CA
September 10 — Irving, TX
October 15 — New York, NY

Adaptive Experiences
In conjunction with our SKI for MS events, we provided the opportunity for 24 people with MS and their support partners to participate in adaptive ski experiences at Vail, Squaw Valley, and Loon resorts. Our adaptive experiences are designed to help participants build self-esteem and confidence, learn new tools, improve their fitness levels, make new friends, and enjoy a day in the outdoors with their loved ones.

Webinar Series 
Can Do MS and the National MS Society bring together a collaboration of MS experts to help people with MS and their support partners to build strategies to live their best lives with MS.  Each free webinar features two presenters with time for Q&A, allowing participants to interact with our team of MS experts to learn how to actively co-manage their MS. In 2016 15,803 participated in webinars.

January 12 — The Relationships Between Exercise and Cognition
February 9 — Navigating Career Change
February 23– Managing Your MS Symptoms With Technology
March 8 — Your Whole Health, Your WholeTeam
March 15 — The Complete Guide to Social Security Disability
March 29 — Home-Based Employment: What Employers Want
April 12 — Myelin, Movement, and the Mind: Hot Topics in MS Research
May 10 — Mind and Body: A Winning Team in Stress Management
June 14 — Traveling With MS
July 12 — Managing Symptoms: Spasticity
August 9 — Workout Your Worries: Anxiety and Exercise in MS
September 13 — Health Insurance
October 11 — Support Partners and Families
November 8 — Diet and Nutrition
December 13 — Importance of Sleep

Online Resources
Can Do MS online resources include a library of MS articles, online Q&A, and educational videos. These resources give people with MS and their support partners an opportunity to connect with our world-class healthcare professionals and ask questions on topics relating to MS. In 2016, 8,658 people used the online resources.